Proud sponsor of Venice Garden Tour
Soap Decor Emporium, Inc. was a sponsor in May of 2004 of the 10th Year Anniversary of the Venice Garden Tour  Venice, California in which our soaps appeared in the 1,000 complimentary gift bags.
Funds benefit the Neighborhood
Youth Associations'
Las Doradas Children's Center in Venice.
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Decorative Soaps


Handcrafted Decorative soaps

From Soap Décor Emporium, Inc.

Our goal at Soap Décor Emporium, Inc. is to provide our customers with quality, handcrafted, delicately scented, lathering, glycerin decorative soaps in the most original and unique lifelike form.

Our decorative soaps will enhance the look and feel of your themed rooms from that chefs gourmet kitchen to your garden bathroom, or just to give as a gift to someone for that special occasion or holiday coming up in their lives. Giving that gift a personalized feel by choosing just the right design to match their decor. They will know you put thought and effort in choosing just the right gift for them.

We select only  the highest quality ingredients for our decorative soaps. Adding one of our luxurious bars of decorative soaps to your room’s décor will undoubtedly enhance your sight, touch and smell senses and will truly be your room's finishing touch!

hibus shaped decorative soap

decorative sopa perfume bottles

decorative soap fish shaped

decorative soaps in soap dish

sheal shells decorative soaps

seahorse decorative soap